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real life. real change.

Clee Magazine offers the reader a visual and thought-provoking experience. There are three core themes: Woman, Di-vur'si-te

and Animal Life. It is the celebration of each; the beauty, the accomplishment, the importance. It is also a look at the flipside; the injustice, the violence, the bias.

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digital & print

Clee strives to go beyond the ordinary with high impact content, great photography and a digital version that is rich with interactive elements, such as video, audio, animations, rollovers, pop-ups and more.

Marching to the creative beat: The Best of Clee

Pivoting from the effects of the pandemic, Clee Images has moved to an annual edition, with a target for relaunch at the end of 2022.

Release date: Pending

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Project Supporters

Forget the logos. It's about the people behind them. Business owners and individuals who care about other people, their community and what is happening in the world. Giving love and support to the work of Clee Images.

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