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Behind the Lens is a Clee publication

on Substack. It is a reader-supported publication that offers a free subscription along with a  paid subscription that offers exclusive articles with special content.

Copyright - Clee Images

While it's often said that a photograph is worth a thousand words, what about the myriad of emotions, thoughts, and reflections that swell within the photographer behind the lens? This is the essence of Behind the Lens - a chronicle of my photographic journey, my introspective revelations, and the profound transformation my soul has undergone through my work. Behind the Lens narrates the story behind each photograph, from my own personal experiences behind the camera. Join me in the stories that captured me, capturing them.

Clee Talks is an engaging and thought-provoking platform that addresses a variety of important subjects through the photographic work of Clee Images. It's more than just a podcast; it's a portal to Real Life and Real Talk like you've never heard before, powerfully complementing the written word of Behind the Lens and the images of Clee Images.

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