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Creative  Work

On the creative side, Clee Images forte is creating or revamping brand identities for business people, companies, organizations, musicians, athletes, artists, models, designers or anyone in need of personal or business branding. Other work includes environmental portraiture, street photography, fashion, and event photography. It is a very visual world. It is important how you look and great photography can influence your success and the revenue you generate, dramatically.

Stand out. Be above the fray. Get Clee'd.

Documentary Work

Photography is powerful. It tells a story. It evokes emotion. It influences thought. Through the lens, Clee Images is capturing "real life", telling human stories, reflecting life in it's beauty, it's rawness, it's diversity and it's imperfection.


Clee projects are documentary in style, blending in other creative and artistic elements to compound and magnify the visual storytelling. The imagery and creative expression of each project is to educate, remind and influence "real change" with the social issues within each project, that we as a society are not aware of, forget about or just ignore.


Clee Images advocates for a loving Universal community that thrives on diversity, inclusion and freedom.

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