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Clee Tees, where my photography transforms into more than just an image—it becomes wearable art!


Clee Tees epitomize a blend of coolness, edginess, and individuality. Each piece is a limited edition, featuring my distinctive photography.


Clee Tees will be made available in themed series, with each series comprising 5 distinct images. Different themed series will be released on an ongoing basis, keeping the Clee Tees collection fresh, exciting, and relevant. Clee Tees are available in classic black or white, in line with the Clee Images brand.

  • What exactly is a limited edition?
    A limited edition item is one that has been produced in a restricted quantity, making it highly exclusive and rare. At Clee Images, we believe that limited edition pieces offer more than just clothing; they represent a statement of individuality and discerning taste. Each limited edition Clee Tee is a testament to our commitment to quality and uniqueness. From the design process to the final product, every detail is meticulously curated to ensure that you're receiving not just a t-shirt, but a piece of wearable art. To maintain the exclusivity and uniqueness of our offerings, we've decided to limit the number of pieces sold for each design. For the Launch Series, there will only be 100 of each piece available. Subsequent series will feature 500 of each piece, ensuring that those who 'have their Clee on' have something that few people possess. So, why settle for ordinary when you can own something extraordinary? Explore our limited edition Clee Tees today and make a statement that's as unique as you are. Join Clee Images in celebrating creativity, exclusivity, and individuality. Shop now!
  • What are Clee Coins?
    Clee Coins are coming this Summer! – your ticket to exclusive rewards and savings at Clee Images! So, what exactly are Clee Coins? Well, think of them as your digital coins to unlock special benefits every time you do a Clee thing. Here's how it works: with every purchase you make, whether it's cool Clee Wall Art, stylish Clee Tees, or unforgettable photo shoots, you earn Clee Coins. It's like collecting points, but way more fun!
  • Do you support 'local'?
    Clee is proud to share its journey with the perfect local partners for printing Clee's wall art and tee designs. By choosing to support local businesses, Clee ensures that each piece you purchase is crafted with personal attention and care. Here are some of the key benefits of Clee's commitment to local sourcing: High-Quality Production - Local production means Clee can be hands-on with the quality control process. By working closely with local printers, Clee ensures that every piece of wall art and each tee design meets its high standards. The proximity allows Clee to personally check out the production and maintain the highest quality without compromise. Quick Turnaround Times - Dealing with local printers significantly cuts down on shipping times and delays. This means faster production cycles and quicker delivery to you. Whether you’re decorating your home or looking for that perfect wearable piece of art, you can count on Clee Images to deliver efficiently and promptly. Sustainable Choices - By sourcing locally, Clee minimizes its carbon footprint. Fewer miles travelled by Clee products means significantly less environmental impact, making every purchase you make a responsible one. Additionally, Clee prioritizes local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Boosting Local Economy - Supporting local businesses is more than just a practice—it's a commitment to our community. Each purchase you make contributes to the livelihood of small businesses. Personal Connections - Working closely with local businesses allows Clee to build meaningful relationships within the community. These partnerships enhance Clee's product knowledge, improves service, and provides invaluable insights into evolving consumer preferences and trends. Clee Images, believes that local collaboration enriches Clee products and strengthens our communication. Clee is committed to bringing you exceptional art and apparel, made possible by the talents and dedication of our local partners.
  • What styles do you have?
    Classic Unisex Tee: Versatile and comfortable, our uni-sex quality tee is designed to fit all body types effortlessly. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers durability and comfort for everyday wear. With a classic fit, this tee is perfect for both men and women who appreciate simplicity and comfort. 50/50 Poly-Cotton Blend. Ring spun cotton, giving it a soft and smooth finish. Canadian 9oz/ USA 6oz. Made in Canada. View the fit Women's Soft Tee: Indulge in ultimate comfort with our women's soft tee, crafted from soft fabric for a gentle touch against the skin. Designed specifically for women, it features a flattering fit. Whether you're lounging at home or heading out for a casual day, this tee provides both style and comfort. Made with soft ring spun cotton and cotton blends. Narrow width, rib collar. Taped neck and shoulders for comfort and durability. Semi-fitted, side seamed body. View the fit
  • Can you explain the pre-order process?
    Clee Images uses a continuous pre-order system. Here is the current pre-order period. May - July: Pre-Order Phase 1: May 17th - June 13th Launch Announcement & Design Showcase: May 17th Final Week Reminder: June 9th Production & Quality Control: June 14th - July 4th Pick-up & Delivery: July 5th - July 12th See the Early Fulfillment FAQ.
  • How do I navigate the Clee Tees store?
    The store operates on an existing Clee photography-based platform, which Clee Images has adapted for its merchandise. Since most of the products are image-based, such as prints and digital downloads, many buttons and headings refer to photos. Please disregard these photo references where indicated, as the buttons and pages will direct you to Clee Tees. Click on 'store" to proceed. Then click on image, as per below. Click the 'Select Photo' button to view all Clee Tees. Note: Below the main image, you'll find thumbnails of the actual tee designs. These images provide a clearer view, as the tees worn by models may show folds or slight distortions due to movement during the photo shoot. Select the Clee Tees you wish to purchase and click next. Select the quantity of tees to be purchased and the 'add to cart'. View cart and then proceed to check out. Please make sure to Read - NOTES FROM STUDIO. Please make sure you read through the FAQs, as they are part of the Terms of Service. Click on 'I agree to terms of service' and place order. Order will be fulfilled as per the FAQs.
  • What colours are available?
    Clee Tees are available in classic black or white, in line with the Clee Images brand. Each Clee Tee is only available in the colour shown in the store; the displayed colour is the only option for that specific design. Shop now!
  • How does shipping work?
    At Clee Images, we're excited to offer Clee merch to a wider audience across North America. Understanding that each order is unique, we tailor our shipping approach to ensure the best service and efficiency for our non-local customers. How We Calculate Shipping Costs - To determine shipping costs accurately, we use a sophisticated shipping app that requires your specific postal code or zip code. Please email us your details at, and we will promptly provide you with a personalized shipping quote. Order and Payment Process - Once we receive your shipping details, we will calculate the cost and send you an invoice combining both the order amount and shipping fees. We require full payment before we can commence the creation of your order. Timeline - The timeline for the completion and shipment of your order will coincide with our pre-order cycles. This information is readily available and regularly updated in the FAQ section of our website. Clee's Commitment to You - We appreciate your understanding and patience as we take these additional steps to ensure accurate and fair shipping practices. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Clee Images. We look forward to bringing Clee Tees to your doorstep!
  • Why does Clee Images use a pre-order system?
    Clee Images believes in delivering the best products to customers while maintaining a commitment to responsible business practices. That's why Clee Images has implemented a pre-order system and here are the benefits: Efficient Production Planning: By offering pre-orders, we can accurately gauge demand for each product before initiating production. This means we only print what's been ordered, reducing excess inventory and minimizing waste. Supporting Sustainable Practices: While controlling costs and production efficiency are crucial, we also prioritize sustainability. By producing only what's needed and using hand-made techniques, we reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Controlled Costs, Custom Quality: Pre-orders allow us to manage our upfront costs more effectively, and by optimizing our production processes, we can focus on delivering high-quality, custom designed products. Shop now!
  • How does the local launch work?
    Niagara locals! Clee Tees has launched, giving you first choice on the Launch Series. This exclusive release is my way of saying thank you for your amazing support. Each Clee Tee is a limited edition with only 100 of each Clee Tee being sold! For those outside of the Niagara area who are eager to get their hands on a Clee Tee, availability will be made soon. I invite you to experience my photography as more than just a picture—you can wear it!! Browse the Collection: Check out the Launch Series to see if you have a favourite tee. How to Order: To place your pre-order, simply email with the following specifics: Quantity Tee file name(s) Size(s) An invoice will be sent with amount to be paid e-transfer. Address and city, if delivery is requested. Pre-Order Schedule: Take a look at our pre-order schedule in the FAQs. Delivery Options: Pick-up: Collect your tee at Clee HQ’s in St. Catharines. Local Delivery: Clee will bring your tee(s) right to your doorstep within the Niagara area. Delivery Fee: There will be a delivery fee of $5.00 within the Niagara area. Limited Availability: Clee is keeping things really exclusive. Clee Tees are limited editions. For the Launch Series, there will only be 100 of each piece available. Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of Clee history—order now before they're all gone! FAQs: Have other questions? Please visit the rest of the FAQs section for more information. Get social with Clee: Show off your Clee Tee! Share your photos on social media using #CleeTees and tag us @cleeimages on Instagram and you might just get a surprise! Are you ready to snag your new favorite Clee tee? Shop now!
  • What is the refund and exchange policy?
    Clee Images strives to provide customers with high-quality products and exceptional service. As a commitment to transparency and fairness, here is an outline to the refund policy. Due to the customized nature of Clee Tees there are no refunds or exchanges other than the following: refunds may be issued only if there is a significant delay beyond the estimated delivery timeline. as there are no exchanges, please refer to the videos provided and the size guide to accurately choose your size(s). Exceptions: In rare cases, we may consider exceptions to the no refund or exchange policy based on specific circumstances such as errors on our part or extenuating circumstances. Please email to discuss any concerns or issues with your order.
  • Can you explain 'early fulfillment'?
    Early Fulfillment: Orders may be fulfilled earlier than the end date for the pre-order duration, based on the early number of orders received. Fulfillment will occur in the order that orders are received. Early fulfillment is at the sole discretion of Clee Images and is subject to production capacity and other logistical considerations. Customers will be notified via email or through their provided contact info if their order is selected for early fulfillment. Clee Images reserves the right to prioritize orders based on factors such as order placement date, stock availability, and production scheduling.
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